Centrus Quarter is evolving with the time and at the same time adds opportunities that are worth exploring.


  • Private and safe residence in the active center of Riga

  • Remarkable architecture and impeccable quality of buildings, apartments and available services

  • Modern and high-quality construction and finishing materials

Easy to move in

  • Fully finished, ready for you to move in and personalize.
  • Versatile and efficient layout.
  • Customizable utility service.
  • Personal electronically adjustable heating system.
  • Advanced communication and engineering solutions for maximum energy efficiency

Panoramic views of Riga

  • Large windows
  • Balconies, terraces or no private outdoors
  • High level of sound insulation

Smooth living

  • Efficient sound isolation.
  • Security and surveillance.
  • Convenience service for residents (concierge).
  • Personal storage space.
  • Two-level underground parking with elevators to door.
  • Accesibile environment.


  • Enclosed playground.
  • Located close to major business, leisure, shopping, entertainment, culture and educational facilities.
  • Convenient public transportation.
  • Dynamic promenade between Dzirnavu and Blaumaņa.


White minimalism and modern shapes. HiTech equipment, maximum efficiency with minimal efforts. Interior is characterized by the white color, cleanliness and facilities hidden under decor to ensure true comfort without any inconveniences.


Classic-style interior or traditional interpretation. Walls painted in nuanced champagne color, parquet floors made of oak, paneled doors with high quality hinges and knobs. Ceilings with cornices and an outlet for chandelier, floors with a high baseboard.


The cosy or natural style creates a sense of home because of warm colours, authentic shapes, secure and familiar environment, all surrounded and accented by natural materials. The natural environment is familiar, cosy and “warm”. The details are real and true.

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