Centrus Quarter in collaboration with City24 invites to open-door days!

On June 11th (4PM to 9PM) and June 13th (11AM to 4PM) at Central Quarter, Dzirnavu Street 81/83, open door-days are held. As part of the open-door days, it will be possible to get to know the quarter, to explore the apartments and to feel the alluring spell of the Riga centre.

In cooperation with City24, the Centrus quarter will welcome those interested in the "Open-Door Day Marathon", which this year will take place for 2 days at different times, in order to adapt to the people who are in search of their dream residence.

By purchasing apartments here, the new owners get a comfortable and high-quality apartment in the center of the capital, which allows you to enjoy a peaceful private life in the apartments of the quarter buildings, while allowing free use of the benefits of the center of Riga.

The Centrus team, accompanied by the aroma of delicious coffee, will be happy to tell the more active, courageous and capable, why everyone’s dream house is located in the Centrus quarter!

Register here!


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