The center of Riga is overfilled with opportunities, including it being the center of the Baltics as well.

Living in Centrus


By choosing Centrus, you get comfort, quality, peace and 30 seconds* across the doorstep for everything else. Because of that, Centrus suits young professionals as well as families with kids or people that need a secondary residence in the city.


* results may vary, tested on high heels and an evening gown.

Benefits for urbanist

A multitude of business, leisure and culture objects surround Centrus.

To name few of the most inspiring:

  • Vērmanes garden, 2 min walk
  • Latvian National Opera,10 min walk
  • Latvian National Theatre, 16 min walk
  • The Old Town, 12 min walk
  • Splendid Palace, 2 min walk

Benefits for the traveller

Travel the world easily.

  • Riga International Airport (RIX), 17 min drive
  • Riga Central Station, 11 min walk
  • Riga International Coach Terminal, 14 min walk
  • Riga Passenger port, 20 min walk

Benefits for the families

Families will find an everyday relief in the proximity of

  • Municipal and private kindergartens (E.g. PPII Childcare, 2 min)
  • Elementary and secondary schools (E.g. Riga State 1st Gymnasium, 8 min)
  • Interest education studios (E.g. Children and Youth Center "Riga Schoolchildren's Castle", 20 min)
  • Advanced and handy public transporation network (trolleybus, tram, bus stops, 1 min)
  • Well-developed bike infrastructure

Nearby shopping

  • MaxMara*
  • Elisabetta Franchi*
  • Outdoor activity equipment*
  • The largest shopping centers of city:
    • Galleria Riga (2 min walk)
    • Origo (10 min walk)
    • Galerija Centrs (12 min walk)
    • Domina Shopping (8 min ride)


 * right inside Centrus

Public and private landscape

  • Enclosed courtyard with outdoor equipment and greenery
  • Enclosed playground (in the courtyard)
  • Dynamic and bright promenade between Dzirnavu and Blaumaņa st.
  • Opportunity to enjoy the magic of Art Nouveau architecture


Last but not least, Centrus ensures:

  • Telecommunication network
  • Smart water supply and sewerage solutions
  • The most mobile waste management service in the city



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